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SWB 256 Tuning Forks – Best quality, lowest prices

Once used primarily by musicians, tuning forks are used today in medicine and alternative medicine for diagnostics, for healing and therapy;  in research and academic settings for experiments,  in law enforcement for speed calibrations,  in classrooms and physics labs.  Our original Verdi 432 Hz Tuning Fork and Verdi Tuning Fork Sets remain international favorites for many different professions.

Do you need a specialized frequency?  We  produce Custom Hz, made precisely to your specifications, in any frequency from 30 Hz to 6,000 Hz, within 2-3 weeks.

Each tuning fork is engraved with the Hz, the name you specify, or both. Each is precision crafted, and guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Produced from a patented aluminum alloy bar that is non-magnetic, will not rust, corrode or tarnish,  and furnished with  smooth aluminum handles (stems) for easy handling, we use the best machinery and materials, calibrate each tuning fork to the industry standard (+/-.5% at 20 degrees Celsius), and we can tighten the tolerance if requested.   SWB 256 Tuning Forks are the best quality aerospace grade aluminum alloy, American-made, 2 pronged. They are produced in the USA, and are US FDA registered and Europe CE Marked.

Our repertoire of products also includes free standing activators and hand held striking hammers to activate your tuning forks, pouches and lightweight carry bags.

Teachers around the world choose our tuning forks to aid their students in conducting sound  physics experiments, including demonstrating sympathetic vibration and beat phenomenon, and illustrating abstract concepts such as energy transfer and the Doppler Effect.  Neurologists, hospitals, medical students, healing, sound therapists and teachers use our tuning forks daily in their work.  Primary schools teachers hold the rapt attention of their students with various tuning fork experiments of vibration and sound.

Weighted or Unweighted

You have the option of ordering weighted or unweighted Tuning Forks. To maximize performance, including ring time, we recommend that tuning forks below 256 Hz be weighted, and that the higher frequencies be furnished without weights. (Weights are not removable, except on the student-grade Adjustable 7 Fork. )

Both weighted and unweighted forks with the same Hz (frequency) will resonate the same pitch. Specific frequency is a product of length, width, thickness and elasticity.  Weighting the fork increases the mass at the ends of the prongs and lowers the frequency in a shorter and easier to use length, transferring more energy to the handle.


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