Custom Hz

Custom Hz Tuning Forks

Do you need a unique tuning fork frequency that is not listed?  Order it here! We will produce a Custom Hz tuning fork for you, to your specifications from 30 Hz up to 6,000 Hz.  

To place your order, choose either Group A (100 Hz to 6,000 Hz) or Group B (30 Hz to 99 Hz) and enter the precise frequency (Hz) you need in the field provided, and click “Add to Cart

To enter another special Custom Hz, repeat the process: Enter the frequency and click “Add to Cart.” 

Order 8 Custom Hz and get a nice discount!
Click “Custom Set of 8 – Any Hz-Unweighted” and enter the 8 Group A frequencies (100 Hz to 6000 Hz) and add to cart. 

Return to the SWB 256 Shop to order from a different Group, for other tuning forks, accessories, sets and other products.  All the products, including each of the Custom Hz (frequencies) that you entered, will be itemized in your cart. 

We also offer discounted Custom Hz Tuning Fork Sets for music, healing, health, education, and more.  The tuning forks in each set can be purchased individually, on the associated "Singles" product page.  Combine the sets with other individual forks as needed. Please allow 3 weeks for production.