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Home of the Original 432 Hz Verdi Tuning Fork

What Are Verdi Tuning Forks?

Verdi Tuning Fork is the designation, unique to SWB 256 Tuning Forks, which identifies our tuning forks centered on the well-tempered scale of Middle-C at 256 Hz to the octave above, C at 512 Hz, with the A at 432 Hz.  These tones, their octaves, and the scale derived from them are determined by the natural, harmonic and physiological characteristics of the human singing voice, beautifully developed by Classical Music composer J.S. Bach.  Giuseppe Verdi, by 1884, recognizing the damage to the singers and instruments due to arbitrary higher tuning over the years, introduced a law, corresponding to natural law, to protect the health of singers’ voices:  that the standard musical pitch for A (“La”) be set at 432 Hz, and absolutely no higher. Hence the name, Verdi Tuning Fork. 

We Specialize in Custom Forks To Meet Any Challenge – From 30 Hz to 6000 Hz

In addition to the Verdi Tuning Forks, we offer Tuning Forks at any other pitch (frequency) that you may require for your specific application.  We list some of the more popular frequencies used in Music, Science, Healing, Hearing, Medical testing, Education, Science, Sound therapy, Tuning, Calibration and more in our regular inventory.  However, we can manufacture tuning forks to any frequency from 30 Hz to 6000 Hz to two decimal places.

All of our tuning forks are American-made from a patented aluminum alloy designed specifically to produce tuning forks with the highest degree of pitch accuracy, the purest quality of tone, and longest lasting ring-time at an affordable price.  Each and every tuning fork is quality tested before leaving the lab to guarantee accuracy to within .5% of the specified frequency at 70°F.  Even greater accuracy is available on special order.

And There Are Extras and Accessories

Packing:  Each tuning fork is sealed in plastic wrap and placed in a lightweight pouch or carry bag.

Engraving Each tuning fork is engraved with its' own Hz.  Custom engraving is also available for additional charge.

Weights:  Weights can be added to each fork.   The additional charge is $7.50 per per Tuning Fork.  (Tuning forks from 30 Hz to 99 Hz have weights added by default.  Weights are an option on tuning forks above 100 Hz but we do not recommend weights frequencies above 500 Hz.)

Longer handles:   The standard length of the handle is 1.625".    Longer handles are 2.75" and can be added for an additional charge of $4.00 per tuning fork.

Accessories:  Add activators, striking hammers or mallets to enhance the resonance of the tuning forks, or a heavy fabric pocket pouch for convenience and protection of your tuning forks.  Pouches are available with 2, 4 or 8 pockets.

Take a look around, get (or give) new ideas, and feel free to call or email us with any questions.