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Our products are listed in one or more of the categories listed here.  If you know what frequency you are looking for, but are unsure of which category it’s listed in, use the search function in the header at the top of the page.   If the frequency you are looking for is not one of the common frequencies listed in our categories, select the Custom Hz category below, then pick either the Custom Hz 30 Hz to 99 Hz product or the Custom Hz 100 Hz to 6000 Hz product.  We can produce Tuning Forks in any frequency from 30 Hz to 6000 Hz to two (2) decimal places.

Giuseppi Verdi

Verdi Tuning Forks



Health and Healing

32Hz Verdi Tuning Fork Weighted

Custom Hz Tuning Forks


Physical Scale Tuning Forks

Sets and Scales


Each SWB 256 Tuning Fork is brand new, in plastic wrap and comes in a lightweight bag or pouch. SWB 256 aluminum, best quality, non-rusting, non-corroding tuning forks will last a lifetime with normal use and proper care.

Call or email for special orders and requests.