Here are several video demonstrations of the the lower "Verdi" tuning by some of the world's leading muscians.  Enjoy!

Piero Cappuccilli Demonstrates That 432 Hz Is Better Than 440 Hz

Verdi Baritone Piero Cappuccilli demonstrates the superiority of the lower, scientific musical pitch of C=256 Hz (A=432 Hz) over the higher, unnatural pitch of A=440 Hz.  On the podium with him is discussion is Renate Tebaldi, soprano.  Recorded at the Schiller Institute conference at Casa Giuseppe Verdi in April, 1988.....

Norbert Brainin, Violinist On 432 Hz Vs 440 Hz

Norbert Brainin, first violinist of the celebrated Amedeus Quartet, demonstrates in Munich on December 12, 1988, the superiority of the tuning of A=432 Hz (C=256 Hz), as opposed to the modern tuning of A= 440 Hz, featuring J.S. Bach's Violin Sonata No.1 in G minor.      

J.S. Bach, The Double Violin Concerto, BWV 1043

JS Bach, concert for two violins, accompanied by continuo, in D minor, 1st part.  The recording was made in the museum of S. Taneyev in Dyutkovo (Zvenigorod).  Performed here by an enthusiastic quartet, " Quartet 432". - Robert Brem (violin), Ekaterina Putrya (baroque violin), Valeria Sakovich (guitar), Timur Kolodyazhnyy (cello).

Verdi Tuning Demonstration 1996: Antonella Banaudi

This segment of the historic "Verdi-Tuning" conference, held in Ticino/Tessin, Switzerland on May 29, 1996, features renowned opoera singer, Antonella Banaudi.  Ms. Banaudi, soprano, who played a leading role in Giuseppe Verdi's "il Trovatore" with Luciano Pavarotti, demonstrates the sobering difference between the modern tuning (A=432 Hz) and the Verdi tuning (A=432 Hz).

Camerata Geminiani Plays Tchaikovsky's Andante Cantabile At 432 Hz

The Camerata Geminiani of London, UK performed at the Schiller Institute Conference in Germany at the Verdi Tuning of 432 Hz. Violin:  Gian Marco Sanna ,Roberto Valdes , Veronika Zukaite,  Simona Buineviciute,  Viktoriya Valdes,  Viola: , Eiffel Valdecoa ; Cello: Olesya Sablina,   Contrabass:  Jochen Heibertshause  Soloist: Olesya Sablina, with the Camerata Geminiani.

Mozart Requiem At 432 Hz For 9/11 Memorial

On the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the NYC Schiller Institute Chorus participated in a series of performances of the Mozart Requiem as a living memorial dedicated to the victims of 9/11 and its aftermath. This final performance in the series took place on September 12, 2016 at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown, NJ. The Schiller Institute NYC Community Chorus was directed by John Sigerson, with soloists Indira Mahajan (soprano), Mary Phillips (mezzo-soprano), Everett Suttle (tenor), and Philip Cutlip (baritone). The concert also includes four choral arrangements of African-American spirituals, directed by Diane Sare. Performed at the Verdi proper tuning of A=432 Hz. (Archival video posted for educational purposes only.)