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Who We Are

SWB 256 Tuning Forks first opened for business in 2009 to fill the increasing demand of singers and instrumentalists for high quality tuning forks at the lower Verdi pitch,  produced in the USA, that were reasonably priced, and that would last for decades.

We have grown considerably over the years, as more choirs and chamber ensembles each year tune to the Verdi pitch, and as other professions see the benefits of the Verdi Tuning fork.

Music has been found in almost every culture since ancient times, and, as Socrates and Confucius said, the nature of the compositions reflect the harmony (or disharmony) of the society.  Discoveries in harmony, from the work of Leonardo Da Vinci to that of J.S. Bach and then Verdi, were grounded in the understanding that music is based on the human singing voice.  Today, the concert A is at 440 Hz or higher, which shifts  Middle C and the other intervals upward, knocking the process of hearing and performing Classical music “off kilter,” and damaging singers’ voices and the poetical intention of the composer. Concert pitches were arbitrarily raised (and lowered) over the centuries until finally, the great Classical composer and statesman, Giuseppe Verdi (1813 -1901) put his foot down, insisting there be an actual government law, to match natural law, that the Concert Pitch be absolutely no higher A=432 Hz.  Many pianos in the US were tuned to A=435 or so in the early 20th century.

Of course, beauty, harmony and ideas of scientific tuning are not limited to singers and musicians — and today our satisfied customers include neurologists, healing professionals, science teachers, medical offices,  chiropractors, instrument calibration technicians, hearing specialists, sound therapists, Eastern medicine, TCM and holistic practitioners, and physics labs.

We have expanded our repertoire of products, and along with our original Verdi Tuning Forks (256 Hz and 432 Hz) , we offer activators, pouches, educational products, and Custom Hz Tuning Forks of any frequency between 30 and 6000 Hz. The Tuning Forks can be weighted or unweighted, produced to your specification.

We pride ourselves on giving the best customer service, with low prices, fast shipping, and bulk discounts for the best quality tuning forks. Please contact us by email at tuning@swb256.com, call us at 1-888-958-1439, or use the “Contact Us” form if you have questions or special orders. We appreciate your business and your feedback.

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