Physical Scale (Pythagorean) in Pouch


Limited Time Special Offer – Unweighted set of 8 in pouch – $125.00 (Reg. $165.00)!

The physical scale, known also as the Pythagorean scale is based on C 256 Hz and its octave C 512 Hz.  This scale has many scientific, physical, sound, teaching and healing applications. The intervals are determined mathematically.  The frequencies are C 256 Hz, D 288 Hz,  E 320 Hz, F 341.3 Hz, G 384 Hz, A 426.7 Hz, B 480 Hz, and C 512 Hz. The Hz is stamped on each fork.  The individual forks are available HERE.

We recommend that this scale be ordered unweighted, but the following weighted options are available: All Unweighted; Mixed (480 and 512 are unweighted, others weighted); All Weighted. Choose below.  If you need a different configuration, please call or email.

Please note: the “A” (La) here is distinct from the Verdi La (A=432 Hz) which is determined by  human vocal registration.

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Each SWB 256 Tuning Fork is brand new, in plastic wrap and comes in a lightweight bag or pouch. SWB 256 aluminum, best quality, non-rusting, non-corroding tuning forks will last a lifetime with normal use and proper care.

Call or email for special orders and requests.


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