Verdi Tuning Scale in Pouch


Limited Time Special Offer – Unweighted Set of 8 – $125.00 (Reg. 165)!

This scale is based on A=432 Hz, the “La” or sixth tone of a scale based on Middle C= 256 Hz. This is a tonal system based on the physiological characteristics of the human singing voice and is not “mathematically” determined. It is the tonal system adopted by the “Great Masters” composers including Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms, among many others. The frequencies included in this scale are C 256 Hz, D 288 Hz,  E 324 Hz, F 341.3 Hz, G 384 Hz, A 432 Hz, B 486 Hz, and C 512 Hz.  The individual tones in this scale are available HERE.

There are three variations of this set: All Unweighted, All Weighted, and Mixed. In the Mixed set, the C 512 Hz and the B 486 Hz forks are unweighted, the others are weighted.

See also the Verdi Set of 3 Plus One and the Baker’s Dozen.   Pouch color may vary.

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Each SWB 256 Tuning Fork is brand new, in plastic wrap and comes in a lightweight bag or pouch. SWB 256 aluminum, best quality, non-rusting, non-corroding tuning forks will last a lifetime with normal use and proper care.

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